Frying Oil Monitor, cat. no. 9341

No More Need for Reagents or Strips

It's difficult to determine the value by colour
Unlike reagents and test strips, the DOM-24 has an easy to read, fully digital display which eliminates the difficulty of determining the value. The same measurement values can be obtained regardless of whomever is taking measurements.

Reagents and test strips have a short shelf life
Unlike reagents and test strips, the DOM-24 does not have an expiration date. This means you never have to worry about buying new materials or equipment to perform measurements.

Chemicals are potentially dangerous?!
The DOM-24 does not utilize any potentially harmful chemicals, such as the reagents needed for titration and test strips. This eliminates the risk of extraneous materials contaminating the food products.

Unrivaled High Performance and Value

I want to measure at high temperatures
Through ATAGO's advanced technology, the DOM-24 is equipped with precise and accurate temperature compensation. In contrast to other competitor products, this allows for stable values, even from high temperature samples.

Low cost and hassle free

Using third party labs to measure oil degradation through titration is costly and time consuming. Performing titation on your own means having to deal with troublesome equipment preparation. The DOM-24 requires no complicated set-up, technical knowledge or experience.

Shock-resistant design

Unlike other competitor products, the DOM-24 includes a sensor cover. This protects the sensor from minor impacts. The sensor cover can be removed when cleaning the instrument, allowing for thorough hygeinic maintenance.


Cat. no.
DOM-24 (TPM)
Measurement Range
TPM: 0.5~40.0%
TMP: 40~190°C /104~374° F
TPM: 0.5%
TMP: 1°C / 1° F
Repeatable Accuracy
TPM: ±2.0% (70 ~ 190°C)
TMP: ±1°C / ±2° F
ATC Range
40 to 190°C (Accuracy guaranteed from 70 to 190°C)
Power Supply
Size AAA alkaline battery x 2
International Protection Class
Dimensions and Weight
Φ22 x 490mm, 400g (main unit only)

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