Digital Handheld "Pocket" IR Brix Meter, cat. no. 5455

Touch the surface of fruit
The Brix (sugar level) can be measured by placing the fruit on the sample stage with no need of cutting or squeezing.

Total inspection is possible
All it takes is to put it against a fruit so each individual fruits' Brix can be inspected. The measured fruits are intact and can then be shipped and sold after measurement. Fruits that were measured can be shipped and sold thereupon.

Super lightweight that fits in your pocket
PAL-HIKARi is the world's most compact nondestructive BRIX meter. The button located on the lateral side of the unit makes it possible to take measurements with one hand while the fruit is still on the tree. The unit is battery powered which makes it possible to take measurements anywhere.

Fits well on the surface of a fruit
The cushion on the PAL-HIKARi allows for a secure surface contact with the fruit. Regardless of the shape of the fruit, PAL-HIKARi's fits well eliminating any measurement discrepancies caused by external light interference or placement of the fruit.

2 Ways to Measure


Cat. No.
Measurement Item
Measurement Fruit
Method of Measurement
Abssorptionmetric analysis using multiwavelengths (Interactance Mode)
Measurement Range
10.0 to 18.0%
Resolution 0.1%
Measurement Accuracy
± 1%
± 5%
Measurement Temperature
Apple ambient temperature 5.0 to 35.0°C
*acclimate apple to ambient temperature
Automatic Temperature Control Range
5.0 to 35.0°C
International Protection Class
Battery Life
Approx. 4,000 time measurement (when alkaline batteries are used)
Power Supply
2 x AAA alkaline batteries
Dimensions & Weight
61 x 44 x 115mm, 120g (Main unit only)
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