ATAGO PEN-PRO, cat. no. 3730

Extremely easy to use Pen type Brix refractometer.

Simply dip the tip into the sample, press the start key and the Brix (%) will be displayed in 2 seconds.

It can be used to determine the Brix concentration of many different samples including fruit juices, food and beverages, industrial chemicals and cutting oil. The continuous measurement feature reports results every second, which is beneficial when sampling non-homogeneous samples - sample can be stirred with PEN-PRO which will take continuous measurements until the readings become stable.
PEN-PRO Features
  • Measurement in 2 seconds
  • Calibration with water
  • Automatic temperature compensation             
  • Quick and easy to clean under running water                                            
  • Extremely water resistant

 Measurement range  
 Brix 0.0 to 85.0%
 Resolution  Brix 0.1%
 Measurement accuracy
 Brix ±0.2%
 Measurement temperature    
 10 to 100°C
 Sample temperature
 10 to 100°C
 Ambient temperature
 10 to 40°C
 Power supply
 1 x AAA alkaline battery
 Dimensions and weight
 16(W) x 3.8(D) x 1.8(H) cm, 70g (main unit only)

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