Environment Monitors

Thermo-Hygrometer EM608
The EM608 is a high precision thermo-hygrometer for measuring temperature and relative humidity. It can be used in a range of industries including greenhouse planting, gardening, warehousing and pharmaceutical production.

  • Memory function for maximum and minimum current readings
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit unit exchange
  • Stable operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Low battery indication


Measuring range temperature           
0°C - +50°C, 32°F - 122°F
Measuring range relative humidity
0% - 100%
Sampling rate
1 time/second
Response time temperature
circa 5 - 30 seconds
Response time humidity
circa 4 seconds
Size 230 x 84 x 43mm
Weight circa 260g including battery

Anemometer with thermometer

Compact, pocket sized digital Anemometer with built in temperature sensor. Provides accurate measurements of wind and air flow, even at low speeds. Suitable for use in industry, for measuring ventilation equipment, navigation and weather.

  •     Air velocity and temperature measurement
  •     5 units of velocity - mph, m/s, km/h, knots and feet/min
  •     Supports Beaufort wind scale
  •     Temperature unit selection °C and °F
  •     Wind chill indication
  •     LCD display with back light for easy viewing


Air Velocity
 Unit    Range   
Resolution Threshold Accuracy
 M/s  0.30 0.1 0.1

 ft/min  0.586 19 39
 knots  0.55 0.2 0.1
 km/hr  0.90 0.3 0.3
 mph  0.65 0.2 0.2

 Unit  Range 
Resolution Accuracy
 -10 ~ +45°C
 0.2  ±2°C
 14 ~113°F
 0.36  ±3.6°F
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